Day 39 When I’m Running…

I set a goal to be able to run 3.5 miles in 30 minutes or less by the end of June and did not start training really until June 29th. I ran to see what I would do and this was my time (click the text):

A photo posted by Darra McClendon (@simply_darra) on Jun 29, 2015 at 2:51pm PDT

I’m glad I ran though because it showed me something. It was hard as I don’t know what to do and I really didn’t have the time to do it, I just did it. But I felt soooooooooooooooooooooo good after I ran. Now my run right now is more like a jog and a times a fast walk with my feet coming a little higher off the ground than your typical power walk but nevertheless it’s MY RUN.

I realized I feel my best, most confident, most fulfilled after running. Other workouts are great and needed and make me feel good. But nothing makes me feel the feeling I feel after a run.

I asked myself why?

  • Maybe it’s because the last time I was closest to my goal weight, I was running.
  • Maybe it’s because I can just run, and think or listen to music and not count or be distracted by anyone else.
  • Maybe it’s because I was told I couldn’t run as a kid in elementary school (Field Day Nightmares)
  • Maybe it’s because I convinced myself in middle school that I could never run or be fast because I was too heavy
  • Maybe it’s because it got in my head that I was too girly in high school and wasn’t the athletic type
  • Maybe it’s because I admire track and field athletes.
  • Maybe it’s because I really am stronger than I know and I really can do it and when I do it’s a pleasant surprise.
  • Maybe it’s because I’m POURING sweat afterwards and that is always proof to me that I pushed myself.

Whatever the reason, call me HOOKED! Why can’t I be a runner? Why can’t I be an athlete? If I really wanted to, I bet I could go to the Olympics or on a local level even, join a run club and place in some races and marathons. There’s nothing stopping me but me.


7 thoughts on “Day 39 When I’m Running…

  1. It’s in you, Darra. I say you’re already an athlete based on the work and God-given skill you use with dancing. So you can definitely reach that 3.5 in less than 30. I’ve been working on my own 5K goal since a former coworker challenged me. Just like you said…I know I can do it. I just gotta be willing to do whatever it takes!

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  2. […] This morning was technically my first official day training for my next 5K… it’s been a long time since I trained intentionally. I set a goal on June 12th to run 3.5 miles in 30 minutes by June 30th. But I didn’t do my assessment run until June 29th. The results were unsurprisingly, eye-opening, to say the least but they showed me one CRITICAL about myself that I either never realized or knew and forgot. Read more about that realization here.  […]


  3. […] I’ve got 2 weeks, after this one, left in this B2B challenge and I’m excited to move on to something a little more me. I’m grateful for this challenge though because, had I not been doing it, I probably would’ve grown inconsistent with my exercise sooner and I certainly wouldn’t have been in the shape and mind I was to reach today’s moment of insight and the one prior. […]


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