What I Told Myself As I Worked Out Today

This morning was technically my first official day training for my next 5K… it’s been a long time since I trained intentionally. I set a goal on June 12th to run 3.5 miles in 30 minutes by June 30th. But I didn’t do my assessment run until June 29th. The results were unsurprisingly, eye-opening, to say the least but they showed me one CRITICAL about myself that I either never realized or knew and forgot. Read more about that realization here. 

After 3 months of being more consistent and focused with my health and fitness goals, here’s my fitness update right now:

  1. I’m eating much better (which for me means LESS MINDLESS SNACKING) thanks to my TwoGrand App. I love it, read more about it here. 
  2. This week is Week 1 for the personal training challenge I’m doing with Shawn of B2B Fitness, over at Your Health At The Crossroads
  3. My 5K training has begun, as I said above. I’m doing one of the “Couch-2-5K” Apps on my phone on the treadmill (with inclines and such) and around my neighborhood.
  4. I feel good! Body stats and pics coming soon!

While I was running today I kept talking to myself in my head. I got tired. I got winded. I felt weak. But I said:

  • “I’m an athlete.”
  • “I’m a runner.”
  • “I’m a dancer. I can dance to a 3-4 minute song, surely I can run the length of one song. Then I’ll walk.”
  • “I have to push my body. No one else can do this for me. If I don’t do it, it will never happen.”
  • ” Just reach 1.0 mile, (1 mile later) just reach 1.5 miles (1.5 miles later) okay for real just reach 2.0 miles…” (so forth and so on)
  • “Come on Darra, you can burn 200 calories today… you can burn 250 calories today… you can burn 300 calories today.”
  • “I got this.”
  • “That’s right, force that body to change Darra, push harder. Every second counts. If I could run just a little more, a little longer… It will affect my distance/finishing time in the end. Every push gets me further, every second matters.”

What do you tell yourself when you work out?


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