A Very Special Birthday

As I walked out of my baby’s room just now to give her back her pacifier and put the cover back on her, I realize I didn’t have to be here for this. I could’ve delivered her, saw her beautiful face and went home to be with the Lord. Not trying to come across as morbid this morning, just more grateful than any of you could ever know.

Everyone calling and texting, messaging and emailing me this morning, could’ve not had a “me” to celebrate with. I’m so humbled by the love and so grateful to hear all of the voices and read all the messages. It’s like a clear visualization of every person who my life has potentially touched and every person who loves me and would miss me if I weren’t here.

That’s obviously not the most important thing in life, though it is extremely special. What matters most to me in life is that my life count for Christ, that I make a difference for His Kingdom. I want to please Him with everyday of my life, because everyday is a gift, not just birthdays. It’s what you do with your life that counts. Reminds me of the poem “The Dash” by Linda Ellis.

I AM… Grateful.

P.S. Even Google says on my Google Chrome Google Search bar Happy Birthday Darra and the Google is spelled with birthday cakes and candles… How neat is that?!?!?!