Exercise Is Good For Me, You Don’t Say!

No kidding… of course I know that exercise is good for me physically and mentally. I just wanted to hop on here and share a high moment/point of truth, since I can be quick to jump on here, vent and share low moments. I shared thoughts last week about how unmotivated I was in terms of exercise. If I looked at the scale or took my body measurements today, I probably would still be discouraged and unmotivated.

So being days away from that check in now, I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to my exercise these days. Plus I’m not beating myself up anymore about what gets done and what doesn’t. I simply don’t allow it anymore and I don’t let my mind go off like that.

I can also say after doing a YouTube workout video last week (very refreshing in terms of my exercise) that I’m looking forward to doing more things like that. It just fits me. It was a barre workout (using a chair) and if you know what that is and you’re a dancer, you understand why I loved it. I believe that is important to find exercise that you enjoy. I’m still doing the B2B challenge but I guess I realize counting reps/thinking is not my top pick. I always go back to it because I know that type of training works. And I can see myself soing it from time to time. But with running, I can just GO! With dance or barre workouts, I can just DANCE. I like to “just __________”.

I’ve got 2 weeks, after this one, left in this B2B challenge and I’m excited to move on to something a little more me. I’m grateful for this challenge though because, had I not been doing it, I probably would’ve grown inconsistent with my exercise sooner and I certainly wouldn’t have been in the shape and mind I was to reach today’s moment of insight and the one prior.